Maria Klavarioti

Born October 10, 1983.

Currently I live and work in Nicosia.


The primary focus of my work so far has been done with oils. It is an area whereby I believe I was fairly skilled. Having mastered that body of work sufficiently I progressed to the use of both chalks and oil in combination. My body of work so far included painting portraits, dancers, landscapes, structures and the inner hidden structure and composition of cities. In addition, mythical symbolism usually accompanies most of my city painting eg. the octopus. Moreover, bright colors and free spirited technique are all parts of the equation in the type of technique I employ. Overall mythical symbolism such as butterflies or other archetypes are extensively used in all my work.


Studied under Peritechno, Laboratory of Painting & Creations, Costas Charalabous

Since April 2017 I maintain my own atelier by the name "Ευεστώ" ("Evesto").

MA in the History and Theory of Art (Sep 2020-today), Cyprus University of Technology

Selected Exhibitions


2018   Group exhibition (Human or Dancers?by

             Maria Klavarioti), Strovolos Cultural Centre, Nicosia

2018   Group exhibition, Kanthos Art Center, Nicosia

2016   Group exhibition, Satiriko Theatre, Nicosia

2015   Group exhibition, Gallery Opus 39, Nicosia

2014   Group exhibition, Kanthos Art Center, Nicosia

2013   C' Group Art Exhibition of Karavas Youth, Nicosia

2013   Group exhibition,  Ammochostos Gate, Nicosia

2011    B' Group Art Exhibition of Karavas Youth, Nicosia

2009  A' Group Art Exhibition of Karavas Youth, Nicosia


2013 Participation in Artist Contest by the Occupied Municipalities Of Cyprus Committee, praise

A few words from the artist...

Hi, my name is Maria Klavarioti and this page features my work as a painter. The name of my artistic studio "Evesto" is inspired by the ancient philosopher Demokritos.

What is the meaning of “Evesto”? “Demokritos believed that through knowledge of what causes the different phenomena or their nature the world is better understood. Therefore one could conquer and overcome his/ her fear. He was convinced that knowledge gives inner peace and calmness, reaching a situation that he calls “Evesto”. The next stage of mental state is when someone stops being amazed and "dazzled" by what is strange or inexplicable. The completion of the psychic world, according to Demokritos, is accomplished by conquering "happiness", meaning peace and well-being.


You might naturally wonder how this reference in Demokritian Evesto is implicated in my art. Well I strongly believe that calmness and happiness triggers inspiration and cultivates a healthy state of spirit and body. Also I am very inspired by ancient Greece, Greek myths and mythical creatures. I like symbolism and for some magical reason although I have never been there so far, New York City stars in a series of my paintings. I paint landscapes, cities, portraits and my own synthesis which have more than one interpretations. As you will see butterflies are very characteristic in my art and you will notice them in many colors, poses and sizes in all of my paintings. I mainly work with oil colors and chalk and I try to continuously improve and enrich my technique.

Currently I work on different series of paintings (New York Series, Kyrenia Series, Human or Dancers Series and The Ruins Series) but I also work with commissions.

Please have a look through my portfolio and I hope that you like what you see.