10 things to always pack when you are travelling!

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If you are a frequent traveler you can relate with me in regards to this subject. I always find it very helpful to make a small list with things to take with me when I will be traveling. So I guess after many times of making this list in my mind and many times of forgetting to take things with me, it's only natural to establish a solid list with the standard things a serial traveler should always pack. So I give you then my absolute "10 things to always pack when travelling" list:  

1. Medicine: it's very important to have some basics with you since you might be traveling during the night or early in the morning and not be able to buy something you might urgently need. I always have with me some antibiotic creams, antiseptics, band-aids, antihistamines for allergies and nausea (if travelling with boats), paracetamol for headaches or the flue, eye drops, asthma sprays and generally anything you might be sensitive to and need to take a special treatment with you.

2. Locks: well if your suitcases don't have a locker installed already on them, be sure to take one for each suitcase to be sure that your things are safe during the flights and transportation.

3. During the flight : always take into consideration the time of flight (from 1 up to 4 hours or more) and your destination (are you arriving somewhere colder or hotter than your departing location). The standard thing if you are having trouble with your ears are gum and/ or earplugs for taking off/ landing. A cushion and a blanket if you are planning to sleep during the flight. Jacket plus gloves, hat or umbrella if you are arriving somewhere cold and rainy. Also be sure to take with you some snacks or fruits, water and something to eat if you will have a big flight since many airlines will serve specific things and in a bigger prize than you would be willing to pay for a flight meal. Finally for your entertainment a book or magazine/ newspaper or upload some movies or music on your phone depending off course again on the flight time.

4. Toothbrush: I always take with me my toothbrush (which I keep in a special container to keep it clean and aerated) and toothpaste. Also I make a small purse where I have my facial cleaning soap, hydrating cream, shampoo/ conditioner and shower gel in small containers of 100 ml. I always place these products in a plastic bag and then put them in the purse to prevent any possible accidents. Also a comp, deodorant, sun cream, any small accessories I will need for making my hair and some perfume. Oh and a small face towel and maybe a pillow case for those of you who really need it! Off course I also make another small purse with any make-up products (and de-makeup) and small faux-jewelry.

5. Camera, phone & accessories: chargers for both of this, power bank, any external disks, tablet, laptop and two-pole converter. In Cyprus our appliances's plugs end up in three-pole so if I am taking with me a charger or a dryer I will need to convert it to a two-pole ending for other Europe destinations. 

6. Undies & socks: a pair for each day and maybe 2 pairs more to be on the safe side. Also I always take with me slippers.

7. Clothing: for clothing I usually keep in mind the number of nights I will be staying and make sure to take one blouse for each day and 2-3 jeans or other comfortable trousers. I will take a couple of more formal outfits or maybe a dress depending on where I am going. Along with the formal clothes I will also pack a smaller formal purse. And off-course don't forget your pajamas! 

8. Shoes: I always take with me comfortable athletic shoes since there will be a lot of walking. If I am planning on going out in the evening I will pack one pair of formal shoes. I put every pair in a plastic bag and then pack it in the suitcase.

9. Extra bags: I always have with me extra plastic bags, mostly for dirty clothes and underwear but you never know what you might need them for. 

10. Money & passport: ok so you must remember to check your travelling documents (passport or identity) in regular time frames and re-new them on time before travelling. So before leaving the house I make sure I have my passport with me, some cash and my personal bag (which is a comfortable bag that closes firmly) which I will have with me on board. Also I web check-in to my flight and have printed boarding pass (or on the phone), my flights (outcoming and incoming)/ train/ bus/ boat data and the accommodation's reservation data.  

So this is my solid list for travelling for about 5-6 days to a European destination. I believe I have it all pretty much summed up. I hope that this will be helpful at least to some of you. As for us until we meet again in one of our traveling locations, I sent to you my love and lots of positive and traveling energy!




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